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Production Process

Order of Material

Our biggest selling point is the advanced integrated production system that will allow us to manufacture the products starting from press working to surface finishing internally. Furthermore, a backup system is ideally constructed by nearby Coil-center industrial park where the material selection and analyses, and more for the manufacturing needs are available.

Parts Process  Our parts preparation will start from the beginning. We are capable of utilizing in-house parts production process from row materials

Press Work  Mold press is ideal for forming various shapes efficiently.Laser  Capable of 2- and 3-Dimentional weldingMachining Center  Cutting into various shapes

Welding  We will offer diverse welding techniques ranging from automated welding for the ultra-thin plates to a manual welding by a certified welder for the thick, custom-made plate products.

Auto-Welding Robot

Surface Treatment  We are committed to meet the customer's quality requirement by offering choice of several surface treatments starting from acid cleaning and electrolytic polish to buff and electrolytic polish combined together to improve the corrosive resistance of stainless steel.

Acid Cleaning  Remove the weld burn and any residues on the surface of the product and form the strong and homogeneous fixed oxide layer simultaneously to improve the corrosion resistanceElectrolytic Polis  Salient part is dissolved first to make the surface smooth and glossy thus the residues and weld burns on the surface to be removed cleanly.Buff Polish  Make the surface glossy to remove burrs and scratches

Process inside the Clean Room  Installation of an automated washing machine inside the clean room makes contamination-free cleaning, drying, mounting and inspection possible

Cleaning/ Drying Mounting Inspection/ Dew-Point Management