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Applicable Laws and Regulations, and Standards

UN Standards Complied

In case of transporting a container of hazardous material by ocean vessel, or exporting them to another country, the attachment of UN label to the hazardous materials container is required by the law of Regulation for the Carriage and Storage of Dangerous Goods in Ship.
We engage the integrated process to acquire the Hazardous Material Container Inspection Certificate beginning from the production of container, the application to the inspection agency (The Ship Equipment Inspection Agency of Japan) and conducting performance test.
We are ready to supply the UN compliant canisters at all the time by updating the standard specification models.

1. Small Container

Class I, II and III, Contents less than 450L (Weight less than 400kg)
Steel Drum
1A1 A fixed top plate model
1A2 A removable top plate model

2. IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container)

Class I: For solid dangerous materials: Contents not exceeding 3000L
Class II and III: For solid and liquid dangerous materials: Contents not exceeding 3000L

3. Portable Tank (T1 - T22)

A composite tank for transportation of which carries dangerous materials other than pressurized gas, and is equipped with necessary attached device and structure.
It is capable of transport dangerous materials which are not allowed to use small containers or IBCs.

4. Other

Combined or composite containers are also available.

The Class II Pressure Container Certification Complied (JIS G8265 2010)

The class II pressure container is specified in Article 7, Chapter 1, Enforcement Order of Industrial Safety and Health Law.Any pressure containers that are greater scale than simple containers, of which are manufactured as class II pressure containers, are obliged to take an individual test of approval and a periodic annual voluntary inspection at the time of production or import.
These containers, excluding class I pressure container, that hold any pressurized gas of 0.2MPa or more are categorized as class II if one of the following provisions meets:

1.) A volume of contents is not less than 40L
2.) A diameter of body is 200mm or more and the length is 1000mm or more.

SELO (D1) Chinese Pressure Container Standards

In November, 2006, we had acquired Manufacture License of Special Equipment (Pressure Vessel) in China under the law of Supervision Administration Regulation for the Manufacture of Boiler and Pressure Vessel in China with a validation period of 4 years.
The clearance of inspection by certified agent in China is required to renew the certification.
The renewal had been succeeded and the manufacturing permit was reissued in DEC, 2014.
Any pressure containers to be exported to China is required to obtain the manufacture license to ensure the safety and assured quality of products.
Any pressure vessels we produce for China are engraved with numbers of manufacture license and a copy of license is attached at the time of shipment. We are considering an acquisition of the manufacture license for other than pressure vessel D1 hereafter.


Contents of Manufacture License:
Title: Manufacture License of Special Equipment, People's Republic of China

Scope of Approval: Pressure Vessels D1
Low Pressure Container: Design Pressure;
Less than 1.6MPa over 0.1MPa License Number: TS2200945-2014

License Number: TS2200945-2014

Issued Date: November 14, 2010
D1Expiration Date: November 13, 2014

Refer to PDF file (SELO Credential)